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Service is for a decision regarding the non-initiation of criminal proceedings or on the termination of criminal proceedings, if the Authority has sent information to the police or Prosecutor’s Office in line with a request to initiate criminal proceedings. Article 146 or 280.

Process description

  1. Send a notification
    Using the e-services:
    National police or Prosecutor’s Office employee affirm their identity when you sign up for the Portal, with the available authentication features, and initiate an e-service, confirming the e-service usage conditions, complete the process of completing the e-services, which is its ability to represent the institution concerned and shall submit a communication to the Labour Inspection.

    When submitting the post office:
    National police or Prosecutor’s Office employee sent a letter to the information to the Labour Inspectorate department.

  2. The response from the State Labour Inspectorate
    Service user receives a reply regarding receipt of the Labour Inspection the information channel.