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The service provided for in hazardous industries (physical, legal or partnership), which employ at least one employee and who fulfil the conditions for granting aid for advisory support. A decision regarding granting of aid shall be adopted by the State Labour Inspectorate, the Commission within three months from receipt. Includes training labour protection specialists, laboratory measurements in hazardous industries, etc.

Process description

  1. The preparation
    The application shall be made by the company, filling the 18.10.2017. Regulation No 2017-01-02 / 2 of the NSA „European Social Fund project“ Work safety regulatory enactments regarding the development of practical implementation and monitoring” No / 16 / I / 001 of the Annex to the arrangements for granting the aid’.

  2. Submission of applications
    The completed application form shall be signed by hand or with a secure electronic signature. The application is submitted in person, shall be sent by mail to: Kr street 17-17, Riga or sent electronically to email

  3. Decision making and communication
    State Labour Inspectorate, the commission of three months adopt a decision regarding the granting of aid or refusal to grant aid. A Communication on State Labour Inspectorate's decision to send electronically to the specified e-mail address of the company. If this is not the case, notification of the decision shall be sent by mail to the application for a specified address.